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Left Tine Right Tine
Tine with Bolts Box of 12 Tines with Bolts
Description Left Hand Right Hand Weight
8" BOLT-ON AGRI TINE XE-53655-01 XE-53655-02 3.95 lbs
8" AGRI TINE KIT - (C/W NUTS & BOLTS) RK-53655-01 RK-53655-02 4.50 lbs
TINE SET - 8" AG - (BOX OF 12 KITS) AK-53655-01 AK-53655-02 55 lbs
8" LEAF TINE ONLY XE-68731 XE-68729 5.1 lbs
8" LEAF TINE KIT (C/W NUTS & BOLTS) RK-68731 RK-68729 5.65 lbs
LEAF TINE SET (BOX OF 12 KITS) RH AK-68731 AK-68729 68 lbs
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